Awareness Before Change Workshop

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Elevate Your Team’s Success: Ignite Peak Performance & Team Synergy with the ABC Workshop – Where Corporate Excellence Meets Self-Awareness!

Awareness Before Change Workshop

Unlock Your Inner Potential: Ignite your Peak Performance & Life Synergy with the ABC Workshop – Where Excellence Meets Self-Awareness!

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Awareness Before Change (ABC) Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced performance and professional growth with our Awareness Before Change (ABC) workshop. This specialized program is designed to elevate self-awareness among individuals, fostering better understanding and a foundation for success in the dynamic business landscape.

Experience a unique blend of interactive activities led by our Head Trainer, focusing on the intricacies of self-awareness and providing practical tools to unlock every individual’s professional potential. This workshop goes beyond traditional programs, offering a pivotal moment to empower teams with effective goal-setting strategies tailored for the corporate world.

The ABC workshop is crafted to cultivate a holistic foundation for sustained success in the corporate realm.

Reach Out to us for a Preferential Quote for your team! (multiple pax)

Corporate Praise

"Great help to me in life and work, and it is a good opportunity for me to better understand myself, so as to change myself and make continuous progress."

Bing Bing Shi

"A Game-Changer and LIFE-Changer! The course has brought about drastically better teamwork and performance amongst my team members."

Darren Teo


Queenie Li

"He is very professional and passionate about the self-improvement, where he will give real life example to let us understand better"

Siew Ting Leow

Enhanced Team Dynamics

Foster a positive and collaborative team environment by aligning individual goals with collective success

Effective Communication

Hone communication skills, fostering clearer and more impactful interactions with colleagues and superiors

Stress Management

Learn practical techniques to manage stress and maintain mental well-being in a demanding corporate environment.

Adaptability and Resilience

Build resilience and adaptability to navigate and thrive in the face of change and challenges.

Holistic Well-Being

Prioritize mental and emotional well-being, creating a balanced and sustainable approach to professional success.

Motivation and Engagement

Ignite and sustain motivation within the corporate setting, driving increased engagement and commitment.

Conflict Resolution

Acquire skills to navigate and resolve conflicts, contributing to a healthier and more harmonious work environment.

Long-Term Success

Establish a solid foundation for sustained success, both professionally and personally, through continuous self-improvement and growth.

Our Head Coach

Ken Kway

With over 2 decades of experience being an entrepreneur in the financial industry, Ken is well-acquainted with the constant challenges, beliefs and most importantly, Growth potential in every working individual. 
Through his experience and findings, Ken developed the Awareness Before Change (ABC) course that has so far impacted countless lives, spurring aspiring achievers on to take charge of their limitless futures.

Ken is also a Trainer & Coach with over 15 years of experience. His passion for nurturing & enriching others stem from his belief that every person has the intrinsic power to live and act in accordance with their highest selves. This ability is known as Human Potential and it incorporates both the individual’s Inner & Outer Worlds.

“The Only Limit To Our Potential Is Awareness”. Everyone has the potential to become a better version of himself or herself despite who you are and where you are from.”

Success Stories

Highly recommending Ken’s Awareness before Change workshop to anyone who like to make positive changes to their life through self-awareness. Ken is very professional and a great presenter. He is able to explain difficult terms with simple analogies and is able to engage the participants checking in on their understanding from time to time. My greatest take away from the course is to learn about the importance of goal setting and the detailed tips on how to do go about setting the right goals based on individual’s life priorities. Thank you Ken for your sharing this amazing course with me!
Lynn Yong Tan
Attended Ken's Awareness before Change workshop and have learnt a lot about personal development and how self- awareness is important in our life. Being able to understand the importance of my priorities in order to set goals and achieve it. He is very professional and passionate about the self-improvement, where he will give real life example to let us understand better. I would recommend this workshop to people who is lost and would like to understand themselves better and know more about what can be done to help themselves.
Siew Ting Leow
Had attended this ABC workshop two years ago, I learned that all my decisions and directions of thinking are influenced by past experiences. After listening to the suggestions, also take corresponding methods. My life began to see improvements, and harvesting some good fruits now.
Gene Yap
Attending the ABC workshop proves to be a transformative experience, providing valuable insights into your personality and decision-making tendencies. Self-awareness is highlighted as the key to unlocking your strengths and steering clear of potential pitfalls in your journey forward. The instructor, Ken, brings a wealth of experience and employs a unique framework to connect the dots based on the personality test conducted during the workshop. His guidance allows you to unearth aspects of yourself you may not have discovered and refine your understanding of habits worth changing. Ken's expertise makes this session a must-attend for students and professionals at various stages of their careers. The workshop also delves into goal setting, emphasising the importance of understanding your past, present, and potential future to guide your goal-setting process. The comprehensive material covered in this session alone makes it an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional development.
Joy Woon
今天非常感恩Ken郭老师团队特别为我们J L INSTITUTION 家樂培训学校进行ABC培训。 半天的人生目标规划心理健康课程,让我获益良多。 所谓知己知彼,百战百胜,我能够在Ken的幽默风趣分享中,更了解我自己,更了解我的团队,还有我工作的合作伙伴,员工们日常追求的目标。在正视自己的想法后人生目标相信会更完美。
Queenie Li
A Game-Changer and LIFE-Changer!
That is what I thought and felt about Ken's Awareness Before Change course immediately after attending it. From the get go, Ken had me diving deep to uncover both the conscious and unconscious workings of my mind & soul. By the end of the course, I left with a new profound understanding of myself, the ability to form actionable & relevant goals, and the know-how on how to redirect my efforts to best achieve them.
Having attended the course with a colleague, I can definitely say that the course is able to bring about better teamwork and performance amongst my team members and we are excited to attend more of Ken's courses in the future. Thank You again Ken!
Darren Teo
After attending the ABC workshop, I learned more about myself and realized that my thoughts and behaviors were related to everything I had experienced in the past which I didn't realize it. Additionally, I came to a realization of why my goals that was set has not been achieved as I have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. This workshop is of great help to me in life and work, and it is a good opportunity for me to better understand myself, so as to change myself and make continuous progress.
Bing Bing Shi
I recently had the wonderful opportunity of attending the ‘Awareness Before Change (ABC)’ workshop, an event expertly organized to enhance one’s self-awareness and gain a deeper understanding of their goals and priorities. The workshop conducted by Ken was seamlessly hosted in an environment that exuded both comfort and professionalism, providing an ideal balance that not only enhanced my focus but also fostered a more effective and enriching learning experience. Participating in this workshop has bestowed upon me a wealth of valuable knowledge, igniting a newfound motivation to improve and better myself. The insights gained from this program has proven its exceptional utility, making it a valuable resource for all individuals across various stages of life and professional development.
Janice Koh
Little understand the importance of this concept, of those who understand, even lesser know how to execute it. But with Ken’s Awareness Before Change workshop. I get not just a glimpse, but a full understanding of myself inside-out. Understanding how I came to be who I am today and where my priorities were, it was clear why I wasn't achieving my goals previously. Setting the right goals and knowing that this is what your heart truly wants makes a world of difference.
Wong Kai Yang
Ken’s ABC Workshop (Awareness Before Change) has allowed me to see how my top 3 priorities of my values in life can radically affect me to increase my annual income by 3 times. From the workshop, I am also aware how my past negative experience have limited me and cause me to be held back in my goals and cause me to go down spiralling in complacency. Lastly, I am able to realign myself, identify my gifts and talents and find a new meaning and purpose to my new life goals. This workshop is indeed a life changing session that has helped me to regain my confidence, mindset and attitude.
Melissa Chen
Attended the Awareness Before Change 2022 conducted by you early this year. It was an eye opener for me and there is so much to learn from you. Thank you in bringing me to conclude that reconstructing the past, interpreting the present and building the future are all choices I can make, it helps to a new perspective in life. life. Thank you for the sequential steps in guiding us on how we can achieve this. It must have taken a great deal of your time and efforts to derive on the exercises and profiling customized specially for us to suit our requirements. Great! Do continue with your good work to help those in need!
Joanne Lim

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

The ABC workshop delivers a range of benefits, including enhanced self-awareness, effective goal-setting strategies, improved leadership skills, stress management techniques, increased productivity, and a holistic approach to well-being. Your team can expect a transformative experience that empowers them both professionally and personally.

The ABC workshop is meticulously designed to cater to the specific challenges of corporate settings. Our content is ideal for any individual/team regardless of industry, and our experienced trainers incorporate real-world scenarios, ensuring that the workshop addresses the unique dynamics and challenges your staff and/or team faces in the corporate environment.

The ideal group size for the ABC workshop varies, but generally, smaller groups of 10-20 participants allow for more personalized interactions and in-depth engagement. This ensures that each team member can actively participate, contribute, and receive individualized attention from our trainers, maximizing the effectiveness of the workshop.

The typical duration of the ABC workshop is 3 hours, and we understand the importance of flexibility. The workshop can be adjusted to accommodate your team’s schedule, even if that might involve condensing the content into a shorter timeframe.

Our cost structure is transparent and includes all workshop materials, trainer fees, and any necessary resources. There are no hidden expenses beyond the agreed-upon workshop fee. We prioritize clarity in our pricing to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the investment required for your team’s development. Reach out to us via the Enquiry Form to get a quote (Teams with multiple staff attending will get preferential rates)

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